Level Requirement: Any Level

Be prepared to face: Elder Warlock, Unstable Concoction, Red Mage, White Mage, Green Mage

Note: Character under level 1000 is not able to cast invisible, so it is needed to bring a stealth ring.

Reward: Skill Bracelet (Increase skill), Voodoo Doll (changing monster outfit by using it.)

Heltera Voodoo Doll Quest 01

Go east, and you will see a house. Then, go downstair. You will see 4 Unstable Concoction, kill them or skip them. (I mean use stealth ring OR cast invisible actually.)

And then, downstair again! There is the hardest part of this quest.

White Mage, Green Mage, Red Mage and 2 Unstable Concoction together. It is recommended to ask a level 1000+ to clear them.

Heltera Voodoo Doll Quest 02