Level Requirement: 250

Be prepared to face: Apocalypse, Blazing Fire Elemental, Diabolic Imp, Djinn, Earth Elemental, Forgotten Scarab (Summon Ancient Scarab), Massive Energy Elemental, Massive Water Elemental, Orshabaal, Sultan,

Reward: Teleport Scroll, it looks as same as a blank paper.

Note: You MUST need a SHOVEL or getting trapped! You are not able to use Teleport Scroll if you have battle sign.

Teleport Scroll Quest Map

Teleport Scroll Quest 01

After going into the blue fire. You will see a room with lots of Djinn. Kill them all and step on the "red shimmering" stile.

Teleport Scroll Quest 02

You can see an Apocalypse right after stepping on the red shimmering tile. And after killing Apocalypse, enter either of one portal.

Then, you will see some squrriels, kill them and go to south east, use your SHOVEL to open the hole and go down!

There are like 4-5 Orshabaals are waiting for you, go to south, and go down the ramp.

Again, clear all Orshabaals, then enter the portal. You will be teleported to another room with lots of purple fire. Through the gate of expertise, and go into another portal there are lots of blazing fire elemental.

And it is the reward room.

Teleport Scroll Quest 03