You see a blackboard
You read: Quest of Sacrifice!
Only the greatest sorcerer has enough power to activate this portal! Rumours says that the sorcerers power is kept in a magic hat.

Reward: A stuffed dragon, 10 levels and either 10 magic levels or 10 distance skills or 10 melee skills depending on what vocation you have.

Level requirement: None.

Be prepared to face:

Serpent spawns, Sea Serpents, Sultans, Aladins, Jasmines, Thuls, Thuls Sons, Ancient Scarabs, Forgotten Scarabs, Morgaroth, Ferumbras King.


2x ferumbras' hat.

1x Sudden Death rune.

1x wooden key (Key:2087). (Can be obtained under the coffin in the Demon Oak Quest reward room.)

1. Starting the Quest.

Heltera Ferumbras Hat Quest 01

Put 1 ferumbras' hat on the coal basin and "use" the statue. You'll get teleported to a small room, walk down the ladder.

2. Collecting all the power sources.

Heltera Ferumbras Hat Quest 02

Walk in each direction and you will face a variety of monsters, kill them all and there will be a hole in the end of every path, go down the hole and kill all the monsters, then you will find a chest which will contain a power source (1-4).
Once you've got all the power sources go down the hole which you can see on the picture above.

3. How to use the power sources.

Once you've gone down the hole on the picture above you'll end up in a small room full of purple flames and holes, go down any hole, dousnt matter which one and you will face a morgaroth, kill it and walk up and you will find a door.

Heltera Ferumbras Hat Quest 03

Use the wooden key on the door and walk enter, you will get into a large room full of coal basins.

Heltera Ferumbras Hat Quest 04

Put the power sources, the sudden death rune and a ferumbras' hat as shown on the picture above.


Walk up and you will find a bellow, use it and you will be teleported to the center of the room along with a ferumbras king. Kill it and if a fence pops up just wait a little and it will go away, then use the bellow once again and you will get teleported to the reward room, note that after you've done this all the items on the coal basins will turn to dust.

4. The Reward.


Use the chest to recive a stuffed dragon.
Use the black statue to gain 10 levels.
The rest of the rewards are limited to som vocations, only sorcerers and druids can recive magic levels, only paladins can recive distance skills and only knights can recive melee skills.
Once you've recived your rewards, enter the portal to get out.