Level Requirement: 300

Be prepared to face: Crazy Hammerman, Devil'S Minion, Master Ghost, Mujaffa, Mujaffas Eyes, Mujaffa'S Hand, Mujaffas Skeleton, Mutated Hellhound, Stormer, Thoughened Juggernaut.

Note: It is recommended to bring a big team or a extremely high level to clear for you..

Reward: Experience Scroll and Protection Legs.

Helterk Level Reward Quest 300 01

Once you enter the portal, you will see 2 master ghosts and 2 thoughened juggernaut, kill them and enter another portal. There will be a Mujaffas Skeleton, keep going through another portal.

After killing Mujaffas Skeleton, there are 3 Master Ghosts, then enter another portal. A little boss, Mujaffa'S Hand is waiting for you.

Helterk Level Reward Quest 300 02

After killing Mujaffa'S Hand, go through the portal. There are 2 Master Ghosts, 3 Crazy Hammermen and 1 Thoughened Juggernaut, keep entering the next portal.

Then, there will be a Mujaffas Eyes, it will summon Demon Skeleton!! Kill it...keep entering portal. 6 Crazy Hammermen and 2 Stormers are waiting for you, prepare well for them!

Keeping going, 6 master ghost, 2 stormers and (2 Apoclypse sometime.)

Then again. There are 2 levers you have to pull in order to remove the stone in front of the main way, see the map below. However, there are lots of creatures over there. 2 Master Ghost, 7 Stormers, 3 Thoughened Juggernaut, and lots of Devil'S Minions.

Helterk Level Reward Quest 300 03

Then, the hardest part begins. Lots of creatures I have mentioned above are together in this part. Go to east first, and keep walking until reaching another portal.

Helterk Level Reward Quest 300 04

After entering portal, keep going east, you will find a 2-way-road, go to north, and walk through until another portal. Then again, it's boring to say, KEEP GOING! BOSS Mujaffa with some Mutated Hellhounds are waiting for you!

Helterk Level Reward Quest 300 05

Hey man! It's the time to go to reward room!

Helterk Level Reward Quest 300 06

10:42 You see a experience scroll.It weighs 1.00 oz.

10:43 You see protection legs (Arm:6, protection physical +10%, energy +10%, earth +10%, fire +30%, ice +10%, holy +10%, death +10%).It weighs 40.00 oz.