Level Requirement: 150

Be prepared to face: Behemoth, Demon, Elder Warlock, Hand of Cursed Fate, Juggernaut, Morgaroth, Occultist(Summon Vampire Overlord), Orshabaal, Pelle The Smithing Master. Sevin The Slave, Thul, Wyrm

Note: Before the reward room, you have to run through or kill 3 Elder Warlocks. So, it is recommended to ask a high level to clear the last part.
Reward: Experience Scroll

Heltera Level Reward Quest 150 01

After the cart area, a demon and 2 juggernauts are waiting for you.

Go to north, more Orshabaals and Jaggernauts there. Then to east. There are 2 little bosses and 5-6 Juggernauts.

Heltera Level Reward Quest 150 02

After killing them, go down the trapdoor. Behemoth, Demon, Hand of Cursed Fate, Juggernaut and Wyrm there. Until reaching the end, you will see a Morgaroth and a Thul right near Portal.

After you are able to defeat them all, go in the portal. You will see full screen of fire field. Ignore those fire, slowly go to south and kill the elder warlocks one by one. If you lure 2 or 3 at once, keep healing potion to let yourself survive.

Heltera Level Reward Quest 150 03

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