King Tibianus

Name: King Tibianus

Loot: Royal Backpack(10522),Protection Legs(2504) ,thaian sword(7391, it will be the best non-donor sword,very rare),Emerald Sword(8930), 0-50 Gold Ingots(9971), Shield of King Tibianus(8909, extremely rare, it's terran shield), Doll of King Tibianus(2322)

Queen Eloise

Name: Queen Eloise

Loot: Moon Backpack(10521), Dark Trinity Mace(8927, should be much stronger), Frozen Starlight(2361) , Girl's Dress(8876),0-40 Gold Ingots(9971), Crystal Wand(2184),


Name: Medusa

Loot: Stone Skin Amulet(2197), Greenwood Coat(8869), Spellbook of Lost Souls(8903), 0-45 Gold Ingots(9971), Dwarven Ring(2213, last forever),

Cyclops Smith

Name: Cyclops Smith

Loot: Obsidian Truncheon(8928 extremely rare and the status should be stronger.), 40-150 Crystal Coins(2160),

Cyclops Drone

Name: Cyclops Drone

Loot: Sword Ring(2210, adding 10 sword skills, last forever and extremely rare), Club Ring(2212, adding 10 sword skills, last forever and extremely rare), Axe Ring(2211, adding 10 sword skills, last forever and extremely rare), 20-120 Crystal Coins(2160), Golden Helmet(2471),

<No Picture Yet>

Name: Demon King

Loot: Demon Backpack(10518), Fireborn Giant Armor(8881, very rare), Mythril Axe(7455) , 20-70 Gold Ingots(9971)

<Not Picture Yet>

Name: Demon Queen

Loot:Windborn Colossus Armor(8883, very rare) , 15-50 Gold Ingots(9971), Onyx Flail(7421),.

Items which I will rename or modify

7391 Thaian Sword

7421 Onyx Flail

7455 Mythril Axe

8869 Greenwood Coat

8881 Fireborn Giant Armor

8883 Windborn Colossus Armor

8903 Spellbook of Lost Souls

8927 Dark Trinity Mace

8928 Obsidian Truncheon

8930 Emerald Sword