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All information is from the Heltera Official Website.

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  • 08/11/2009- Thank Tutor Buddy, he is now serving the Heltera Community again.
  • 08/02/2009- Heltera Custom Client 8.5 has been released. Click HERE for more details.
  • 07/31/2009- Heltera has finally updated and upgraded to version 8.5. Update Teaser is here.
  • 06/28/2009- Tutor Buddy is longer serving the Heltera Community. However, the wikia is up still.
  • 06/26/2009- Heltera community has just received a shockingly bad news. HGM Fade will leave us away and he is retired his GM and character, Choo.
  • 06/21/2009- Heltera Wiki gets pimped out little.
  • 06/20/2009- Heltera Summer Update 2009 finally comes!
  • 06/16/2009- Picture of The Day added in main content.
  • 06/15/2009- Welcome Darkness II and Tutor Lead become part of staff members.
  • 06/13/2009- Chinese Buddy receives his tutorship, he is now known as Tutor Buddy.
  • 05/27/2009- Added Heltera Custom Client
  • 05/27/2009- Added Update Teaser
  • 05/21/2009- Heltera has a fresh start! Enjoy all players!
  • 05/16/2009- Erik joined the and created the items section and some quest spoilers.
  • 05/14/2009- Heltera wiki is created! Thanks God Exodus for bringing me an idea to create this wiki. Hello all, I am Chinese Buddy!

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Custom Heltera Client 8.5Edit

See more details HERE .


Featured article: Heltera's Official UpdateEdit

Update is coming soon, woot!

The mighty werewolf leader, Lucian is leading his werewolves to invade in the new 2000level+ area. Not to mention about King Banor, he doesn't have a good temper, so beware of him!

Also, according to the server helpers, the brave warriors may have a chance to challenge the Ruthless Seven Minions. So, keep leveling up in order to strengthen yourselves!

Good luck.

Reported by Chinese Buddy


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