Tutorial made by: Andreas Edit

Okay, this is a guide about how to use daopay.

Daopay only gives like half the money from the calls, so if you donate for like 5 points, it costs 7 USD. and as it goes up it changes accordingly.

1.Chose one of the following amounts

Donate for 5 Points

Donate for 10 Points

Donate for 25 Points

Donate for 50 Points

2. Chose things like where you are from and DAOPAY will show you the exact price.

3. Just write a sms with the instructions from daopay and then just send it.

4. When the server in London agree your donation the website will update and you will be able to write down your e-mail.

5. DAOPAY will send a confirmation e-mail with a link.

"This email is your proof of purchase.
If you want, check if it is authentic by
visiting the following link:*********"
6. Then you just send the confirmation-link to a GM and they will confirm your donation.