Name Arm Weight Attributes Resist Required Level Required Vocation Donation Item Dropped By
Cuirass of Ten-Thousand Blades Cuirass of Ten-Thousand Blades 25 7.50 physical +50%, energy +50%, earth +50%, fire +150%, ice +50%, holy +50%, death +50% 40 super sorcerer, super druid, super paladin or super knight Yes None
Odin's Chaos Drape Odin's Chaos Drape 11 29.00 magic level +35 physical +20%, holy -20%, death +20% 65 sorcerer, druid Yes None
Ultimate Knights Armor Ultimate Knights Armor 20 0 club fighting +18, sword fighting +18, axe fighting +18, 25% more health 200 knights, super knights Yes None
Mages Knightmare Mages Knightmare 14 110.00 holy -35%, death +30% 100 knights, super knights Yes None

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