Helterk All Round Quest Map

Be prepared to face:

First Portal: Banshee, Juggernaut, Nightmare , The Old Widow (summon Giant Spider)

Second Portal: Behemoth , Hand of Cursed Fate , Dark Torturer , Demon , Diabolic Imp , Hellhound

Third Portal: Banshee, Demon

Fourth Portal: Demon, Juggernaut , Orshabaal , Warlock

Fifth Portal: Djinn (Summon Aladin), Sultan (Summon Jasmine, Thul , Thuls Father (Summon Thul)

Reward : Dragon Scale Helmet (Arm: 15), Elven Armor (Arm: 26), Elven Legs (Arm: 10) , Necromancer Shield (Def: 37)

Helterk All Round Quest Reward

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